The Peak Orgasm


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We live in a world of addictions, no doubt about that. One of the strongest addictions on planet earth is, by some, claimed to be the Peak orgasm. The Peak Orgasm is the most familiar and most common orgasm we know. It can be recognized by the contractions of the bodily base and 4-5 seconds of intense pleasure.

Statistics show that men ejaculate more than 5000 times during a lifetime. Each time the man will realise up to 5ml (a tea spoon) of sperm. This “spoon” contains up to 500 million sperm cells. According to old Taoist tradition and the Tantric teachings, the sperm is pure life force and that men (and women) can learn how to contain this energy, and live a happier and longer lives without wasting this energy. A lot of men I know that have stopped ejaculating and have learned to achieve a continuous flow of sexual energy, report that they feel more attraction towards their partner, and that they have more energy in their daily life. They need less sleep and experience that they are more present at work or with their family.

I’m currently working with a client. He came to me because he had erection issues. After putting him on a “diet” (which meant no ejaculation or no porn, but instead 15 minutes of tantric masturbation each day), he reported after a couple of days waking up with a hard-on on a more and more regular basis. He also started to feel more and more horniness in his body. After a couple of months, he reported that he for the first time in many years had sexual intercourse with his wife.

As we all know, sperm contains a lot of protein. And protein is the body´s building blocks. So, that is by saying, something we can build or create with. Actually we can create life with it!! It is therefore interesting to think of what could be created from the inside and out if we could learn how to conduct this life force energy. Cause why keep spilling it out again and again, draining your life-force energy?

Personally I never let anybody spill their sperm in me anymore. It does not serve me or them I believe. I repeat my example from a previous post: A stressful day at work. The husband comes home and give the wife a quickie. After a few minutes he comes inside of her. He feels more relaxed now, but where did all that stress go?

Some people ask: Is it not dangerous not to come? Well, many doctors and studies are claiming that to hold back the ejaculation is not good, but on the other hand – The doctors that are reporting this is most likely one of those cummers anyway. As an old Tantric tradition, non-ejaculation has been practiced for thousands of years. It is not dangerous.

During the tantric path, the practice is to avoid the peak (clit or ejaculation orgasm), and instead maintain the sexual energy. I also guess that one of the reasons why tantric sex is not more mainstream today is because the addiction for this peak-orgasm is too strong. But the reward to the men that actually have the motivation and discipline to do it, will give them longer, juicer and deeper sex in the long run, plus a more satisfied partner.

The peak orgasm in itself is very pleasurable. However, what is actually happening in the body when you ejaculate? Right after you had a peak orgasm, the sex drive goes down. From the minute before when you felt so intimate and close to your partner, all of a sudden, you want to be by yourself, or check on your phone etc., at least this is very common. The magic is gone, and the feeling of separation is getting bigger than before you came.

The primary purpose of a peak orgasm is basically to spread your genes. And also, biologically, with more than one. Therefore, it seems that nature has created this mechanism of separation right after a peak. There was actually an experiment done with rats where they put two rats together and let them fuck as long as they wanted. After a time, the male seemed to get a little tired of the female. Then they put another female inside, and all of a sudden the male felt “good to go” again. They kept putting in new females and it was stunning to see that the male could keep going with constant new partners. This is called the “Coolridge Effect”. In the long run, for most people living in a monogamous relationship, to keep having a Peak- Orgasm will create more separation and less attraction over time.

When you have a peak orgasm, the balance of neurotransmitters is being disrupted. This affects hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, testosterone and prolactin. After an orgasm, we feel more relaxed but also more drained of energy. As a mentioned in a previous post, many people, especially women, use the peak orgasm as an energy realise or as a “sleeping pill”.

Many pro athletes don’t have sex before an important performance. What I think about that is probably not the sex that is the issue, but the orgasm which for most people are the meaning or goal of having sex. So, they don’t ejaculate before a match. He or she will stay more focused and present, have more testosterone and be more clear!

After you had an orgasm we calculate the hormones to be out of balance for about 17 days (estimated is 21 days). That means, after you come you will find yourself in a state of, what we in my tantric school refers to as an “orgasm hangover”. So actually, since the time we started to ejaculate, most of us have never been out of this hangover because we are so addicted to it. Just look at children and compare to adults. Who are happier? To me it is obviously that children are happier, until they become teenagers and starts masturbate. Then they become grumpier and more irritated.

Anyway, taking the peak orgasm away, you can experience more relaxed sex with no goal. You can experience more intimacy with your partner and gradually go deeper and become a better lover