Mistress Jane consider herself as a Tantrica. Tantra is a spiritual approach to life in all it´s aspects. To be able to grow into a greater version of herself, she has been working with sexual energy and spiritual wisdom together with modern psychology. She has been studying and living as a Tantric woman for more than 4 years. Her formal background is from business and management and she has years of experiences of running different companies. 

When she in 2013 was introduced to one of the world´s biggest Tantra Schools, she immidiatly felt an urge to grow and learn more abut Tantra, sex and of course also in combination with spirituality and devotion. She has today completed the whole program of the School, and also passed the teacher and bodywork-training several times with great results.

This High-Class Tantric Dominatrix is a hardworking businesswoman, as well as a Exclusive Tantric Femdome. During her Tantric education, she was the first woman in the School´s history to be certified as a Tantric Femdome in 2015. Since then she decided to make it as a big part of her living. One of the reasons for this was because she saw a high demand of this expertise and services in the society. There is, according to herself, a deep longing - and especially in men, to totally let go of control. The longing to be taken care of and loved. And also to be dominated. She believes she has a gift to help people and support them in their sexual education and sexual experiences. At the same time as this is her full time job, she really loves what she is doing, which also is reflected in her deep meetings during the sessions.

The main focus in her practice is the Tantric Femdome. She has a huge masculine core, she is very aware and present, she is good with directions, guiding and taking the lead. Still, she has a very sweet and soft feminine approach which makes her quite unique.