Still pretty shaky and full of intense feelings. It cannot become more intense and intimate between two strangers. You are special.
— F, Norway
Dear Queen Jane
Thanks for a fantastic session - it was the best session I have had by fare.
Take care .I hope only positive happens to you my Queen.

Always kneel for my Queen.
— U, Sweeden
Dear Mistress Jane,

I just want to send you a few words of gratitude for an amazing experience!
When entering your apartment I was certainly very nervous but your entire approach towards me, a beginner, was such that I immediately felt safe and, after a while, totally relaxed in your capable care.

You gave me a lot, both during our two hours together and also to think about when continuing my journey through life.

I think that we men, and perhaps particularly those of us who have been in “power”, have a lot to learn about our inner selves. I don’t think that I have ever experienced two hours where I had to question so much about my own feelings and prejudices.

I would hope to be able to meet up with you again, at some time, to further my education.
Until then, thanks again and all the best!
— Chris, Göteborg