International Kink & BDSM Facilitator/Tantric Dominatrix

I consider myself a Tantrica. Tantra is a spiritual approach to life in all it´s aspects. To be able to grow into a greater version of myself, I have been working with sexual energy and spiritual wisdom together with modern psychology for years.

My formal background is from business and management and I have years of experiences of running different companies. I am a hardworking businesswoman, as well as an Exclusive Tantric Femdomme.

One of the reasons why domination became such a big part of my life, was because I saw a high demand of this expertise and services in the society. There is, in my opinion, a deep longing - and especially in men, to totally let go of control. The longing to be taken care of and loved, to be seen and also to be dominated. I believe I have a gift to help people and support them in their sexual education and sexual experiences.

I have a huge masculine core, Im aware and present, I am good with directions, guiding and taking the lead. Still, I will seduce you with my sweet and soft feminine essence.

.All photography provided Jan Dalquist & Eivind Nilsen