In general we are so conditioned to be in control most of the time, especially during sex. A tantric Femdom Session gives you a new kind of sexual imprint in how to surrender, also as a man in you feminine. She will in a gentle and loving way guide you to let go in full trust an openness. You are invited to relax, to let go of control as much as possible and experience the magic of deep surrender.

Challenge your comfort zone: During a session, Miss J. use her body, touch and presence as well was her voice to gently guide you into more deeper states. No matter where you are in your sex life right now, with her guidance, you can feel totally safe to open up and go deeper than ever before, surrendering into tantric bliss still unknown to you. She also invites you to challenge your comfort zone and explore your boundaries. Especially if you have a demanding job or a busy life where you have to be in control most of the time. A Femdom session will really help you to change that role and recharge you. 

The session gives you a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between your body and your hornyness in a new, receptive way. You will have the opportunity to explore role-play and to live out any sexual fantasies you may have. All of this is done in a safe and loving environment. You´ll receive a bodily imprint on how to surrender, also as a man, in your feminine.

If you don´t have any fantasies or specific longings other than just to let go, that is totally fine. Miss J. offers a femdome package for newbies who are curious and want to have a taste of what it is like to be dominated.

Preparation - Anything is possible: Before the session you will have the opportunity to discuss and share your needs, requests and desires.  You can tell her anything from what you want to experience to what are off­limits. In such a playing field anything can happen and rules are what makes the game fun. Do you want to be dominated, tied up in cuffs or bondaged by ropes? Or do you long to be penetrated? Or maybe cross-dressed? After you have planned a session, your Mistress will know exactly what to do with you. 

Role-play and fantasy: Playing with desires and different sensations can be really exciting. Whatever it may be, the context in play is always very important. The context is the fantasy you want to bring to life and a good role play is essential for making this happen. Furthermore, a good leading actress is also important in roleplaying. One of the benefits of role­play is the freedom to do whatever you want. There are no social norms or stigmas and you have the freedom to experience without any judgment or shame for your sexual fantasy. Still there can be some requests for more advanced services. That could be done, but keep in mind the extra costs.